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Services we offer:

Constructions, new construction, Building contractors,Competa, Axarquia, Malaga


Construction of all kinds can be supplied according to your measurements, whether it be walls, roads, pools or buildings.

Repairs, Building contractors, Competa, Axarquia, Malaga


General household repairs and maintenance can be carried out too. We are also able to offer a professional service dealing with elecricity supply, gas supply, heating and air-conditioning systems.

Plumbing Service, Building contractors, Competa, Axarquia, Malaga

Plumbing Service

A fast and efficient plumbing service is available that will cater for all your requirements, whether you have a leaky tap or need to install a washing machine.

Painting Service, Building contractors, Competa, Axarquia, Malaga

Painting Service

We can arrange for professional painting of both the interior and exterior of your property, using reliable and experienced painters who have been involved in the finishing of our constructed properties for several years.

Electrician, Building contractors, Competa, Axarquia, Malaga


If you require any electrical equipment to be installed and need assistance, just call to discuss details and we will be able to arrange for a speedy and reliable installation.

Architects, Building contractors, Competa, Axarquia, Malaga


Whether any of your buildings require renovation or should you wish to discuss the design of a new property, we will be able to assist. We work closely with architects and can provide technical assistance regarding plot measurements.

Excavation Work, Building contractors, Competa, Axarquia, Malaga


Excavations, earth works and machine works. With our impressive fleet of heavy construction vehicles, no job will be too small for us to handle.

Garden Maintenance, Building contractors, Competa, Axarquia, Malaga

Garden Maintenance

Our list of offers also includes a gardening and maintenance service, which can be particularly useful if you do not reside in your property all year round.

Cleaning service, Building contractors, Competa, Axarquia, Malaga

Cleaning service

With respect to the maintenance of your house, we have a cleaning and decorating service on permanent duty. We can give you a very reasonable estimate for whitewashing, cleaning your house completely and for providing food and drink on your arrival. Just give us a call and we will arrange everything. Remember, we are able to completely furnish your home if required.

Building contractors S. Chavos

Building contractors Sebastian Chavos Director

Building contractors, Construcciones S. Chavos, was founded in 1996 and since that time, it has been successfully managed by Sebastián Lopez.

Our main office is based in Cómpeta, Málaga.

We do every thing from painting, plumbing, cleaning, house maintenance, electrical installation, garden maintenance, repairs and reforms, construction and excavation work.


So do not forget: With all construction and renovation measures you can always count on Construction S Chavos. We are here to help!

Construcciones Sebastian Chavos
Competa - Malaga

You can find new images on our website in the section renovations, interior decoration, verandas and bathrooms. The photos are of a complete renovation of a country house in Sayalonga, Malaga. We totally new designed the entire house in- and outside. The outdoor terrace has been significantly improved. We changed the entire floor and constructed a new comfortable dining area with bench and sink. We have created a modern and brighter atmosphere for the entire house . However, we always preserve the typical style of a country house here in the Axarquía and Costa del Sol region.

As always, we hope that these new images serve as an inspiration for a possible renovation of you own home. And for new buildings and renovation work do not forget:
You can always rely on Construction S - Chavos!

Construction Sebastian Chavos
Competa - Malaga

A new constructed brick barbecue grill, outdoor floor renovation with different motives and a renovation where the old wooden windows were removed and replaced with modern double-glazed PVC doors to get a beautiful view of the rural landscape of the Axarquia Region.And many more photos ...

We hope the pictures serve as inspiration for possible modifications in your home and would like to remind once again you that with all construction and renovation measures you can always count on Construction S Chavos.

Construcciones Sebastian Chavos
Competa - Malaga

We will continue to do our very best to keep up to our high quality standard.
And for any questions, ideas and suggestions, we want to continue to be your point of contact and promise always to respond quickly.

To offer you here in Malaga and particularly in the Axarquia region all of our very high quality construction services, we have a wide range of employees and construction workers, painters, electricians, plumbers, gardeners and many more hard-working hands.
Some you may have already met in person and could personally evaluate their great professionalism.

Today, now we would like to introduce you to our new website.
With the new modern and clear design you could now easily find all the services we offer and also many photo examples on various topics and hopefully thereby get ideas and suggestions for your own next project.

Best regards and see you soon!

Construcciones Sebastian Chavos
Competa - Malaga